Foreigners friendly Łódź

Foreigners came to Łódź. A multicultural city open to other nationalities has prepared many facilities for them.

Vice Mayor of Łódź Adam Pustelnik and other guests
- Remembering the multicultural history of our city and observing the current immigration situation, we intend to take special care of new residents of Łódź and introduce many amenities for foreigners - says Adam Pustelnik, Vice Mayor of Łódź.

The City of Łódź Office has prepared special guides for foreigners who decide to live in Łódź. Tutorials titled: "Getting Started", "Study in Łódź" and "Stay in Łódź" are a compendium of knowledge in the field of applicable law, health protection, education and various aspects of work and life in the city. They were published in English and Ukrainian, and entrepreneurs and universities help in their distribution.

- Remembering the multicultural history of our city and observing the current immigration situation, we intend to take special care of new residents of Łódź and introduce many facilities for foreigners - says the vice-president of the city of Łódź, Adam Pustelnik.

The number of foreigners who come to Łódź is growing every year. Most of them are Ukrainian and Russian speakers, but there are also newcomers from other countries. Estimates are about 50,000 people from Ukraine and Belarus permanently residing in Łódź, and in the current academic year, about 2,000 students from Belarus and Ukraine study at universities in Łódź.

- From 2021, foreign parents of each newborn child will receive a welcome letter from the President. It will be written in English or in Ukrainian. Last year alone, we registered nearly half a thousand babies at the Registry Office, who are new residents of Łódź, and their parents are foreigners, notes the vice-president.

The city plans to launch free Polish language courses and implement a package of integration activities. Non-governmental organizations will be responsible for this. They are also looking for partners who will prepare a campaign promoting the educational offer of Łódź universities abroad - with particular emphasis on Ukraine and Belarus.

- We look to the future with hope, because more and more often we receive signals from Belarusian IT companies that are interested in moving their business to Łódź. Here we will also prepare a lot of benefits and facilities - adds Pustelnik.

For over a year now, at the Łódź Center for Contact with Residents, people with little knowledge of Polish can get help from officials who speak Ukrainian and English. Foreigners will also have the opportunity to use the Card  of Łódź Residents (planned to be launched on March 1, 2021) and take part in the next edition of the tax lottery.

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