The new centre of Łódź

The New Centre of Łódź (NCŁ) is a modern area at the heart of the city combining business, cultural, commercial, and transportation functions. With work underway, an area of nearly 100 ha in the city centre is subject to wide-spread revitalisation.

The NCŁ features the renovated building of the first power station in Łódź, EC1. The exceptional character of the place refers to the industrial past of the city. At present, EC1 performs cultural, artistic, and educational roles. At its heart is the largest Science and Technology Centre in Poland and a state-of-the-art planetarium. The EC1 complex is also the headquarters of institutions bringing together artists and film-makers – Łódź Film Commission and the Centre for Comics and Interactive Narration.

A major point in the New Centre of Łódź is the new underground station: Łódź Fabryczna, which became part of a multimodal transport network, combining railway, long-distance bus, and car transportation as well as the city’s public transport. The investment will also involve the reconstruction of the road system around the station, giving Łódź the opportunity to become a city with one of the best transport infrastructures in Poland.