Chemnitza city in southeastern Germany in Saxony, located by the river of the same name at the foot of the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge); township district and seat of the Chemnitz region. In the new federal states, it is the third largest city in Saxony and the twenty-ninth in Germany (according to the so-called Großstadt status, i.e. cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants). In 1930 the city reached the highest population - 361,200 inhabitants. Since 1990, the city with over 800 years of history is gradually depopulating. According to data from 31 December 2018, the city has 247 thousand inhabitants.
Many stars were born or grew up in this city, including: Katarina Witt (queen of figure skating), Michael Ballack (captain of the German football team) and Matthias Steiner (Olympic champion in weightlifting).

Partner relations between Łódź and Chemnitz, which existed since 1972, were officially confirmed in 1974 and then renewed by the conclusion of an official cooperation agreement on 11 April 2003.(Partnership Agreement>>)

The mayor of the city is SPD politician Barbara Ludwig who has been holding her office continuously since 2006.

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Chemnitz has established cooperation with fourteen cities such as: Akron (USA), Arras (France), Düsseldorf (Germany), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Łódź (Poland), Manchester (England), Mulhouse (France), Rabenstein an der Pielach (Austria), Schwanau (Germany), Taiyuan (China), Tampere (Finland), Timbuktu (Mali), Usti nad Labem (Czech Republic), Volgograd (Russia).

Partner relations with Łódź, that had been existing since in 1972, were officially confirmed in 1974 and then renewed by concluding an official cooperation agreement on 11 April 2003. Within the framework of the cooperation, representatives of the City of Łódź took part in conferences and economic missions organized in Chemnitz and Łódź. Mutual participation in tourism fairs and contacts in the field of city promotion have revived economic relations. Language courses and university collaboration highlight the scientific aspect of the partnership. The Day of Chemnitz and The Day of Łódź are a chance for cultural exchanges.
Also in the field of sport, both cities conduct joint activities. Boxers from both cities participated in joint competitions. Swimmers from Łódź competed for the International Cup in Chemnitz. Footballers from Chemnitz took part in the International Football Tournament, fighting for the cup of the Mayor of the City of Łódź.